DP News

4G - Mar 2016

4G is finally becoming useful and ubiquitous. We have great solutions for connecting your network to the Internet over 4G with static IP and large download limits.

GHS Labels - Feb 2016

We have developed a Module for OfficeNet to produce GHS labels to the new specification. As you might expect, it is integrated into the products and ordering systems so you can print with minimum fuss. We are using the low-cost Epson TM-C3500 colour printer and the results are excellent.

Office365 - Jan 2016

We have just replaced an on-site Exchange server with Office365 and a local file server and migrated 35 users to the new platform. All the power with out the huge up-front expense.

Inter-Site links - Nov 2015

After years of struggling on a slow inter-office connection we have setup a 450MBit/sec bridge using Line-of-Sight equipment and revolutionised the connection speed.

Long Range Wifi - Jul 2014

We are involved in a long running project to bring better broadband to the village of Elkstones, read all about it here http://elkstones.co.uk

Unifi - Jun 2014

At last, affordable, 'Enterprise Grade' Wifi for small businesses. With prices starting from under £200 we can now install a multi Access Point Wifi network with multiple SSIDs, Proper control of the Guest Network, great roaming and full logging.

OfficeNet - May 2014

OfficeNet gets some big improvements in Email and Document Management. Custom development is also easier making it easier to provide the exact reports and facilities that users require. ERP for small businesses.

Ubuntu Server - Apr 2014

The new Ubuntu server is out and set to be supported until 2019. We will be migrating most servers to 14.04 "Trusty Thar" and can help you install and setup many services for your own network.

KVM - March 2014

We have moved many of our old VMWare servers onto KVM, the rival OpenSource platform. So far performance has been terrific and it somes with the added benefits of a full Linux server for monitoring and control.

OpenChange - Feb 2014

OpenChange is officially part of Zentyal's new release so this means that we can offer a commercially supported MS Exchange replacement which is Open Source and will run on a Linux server.
This is brilliant news for anyone looking to upgrade or replace an elderly 2003 or 2007 server. You know who to call...

Monitoring - Jan 2014

We have developed a CNI (Critical Network Infrastructure) Monitoring and Control Platform for a Large Utility. Engineers are able to monitor and force reboots on critical equipment from a central location using low cost hardware which is logged and controlled by a central database.

OwnCloud - Dec 2013

OwnCloud V6 is released and offers a superb platform for companies looking to make their files available to mobile devices whilst still maintaining a local server.

KVM - Nov 2013

Thanks to the excellent efforts of Roland we are now hosting Windows servers on KVM which means lower costs for virtualisation by being able to use standard filesystems rather than an expensive hardware RAID solution.

Mobile App - Oct 2013

We have the mobile app up and running for remote workers to use our OfficeNet system.
The app is written in HTML5 and JavaScript so it works on nearly all devices and also works offline when there is no signal.

Wifi Links - Sep 2013

We can now install WiFi Links that cover several kilometers for a fraction of the price that they used to cost. With prices starting from £300 for a profesionally installed link it might be that we can connect places that you never thought were possible.

IP CCTV - Aug 2013

IPTV Prices are falling and finally bringing network cameras and monitoring into the reach of small businesses. Give us a call to see our new solutions and see if they can help you.