Proper Broadband

We are able to supply and maintain business grade ADSL at various speeds and fast Ethernet connections for those companies who depend upon being connected.

Our broadband has static IPs and can be IPV6 enabled if required. We can provide 3G backup with auto-failover and reroute the same IP block over the 3G connection to give seamless fallback.

We can use multiple suppliers to help remove SPF (Single Points of Failure) and can route your IP block to an emergency centre if your building is affected by a disaster.

Dual Bonding

Not everyone can get superfast broadband. Some premises are stuck with slow lines that drop out on occasion. One answer is to Bond 2 broadband lines together.

We do this for many of our customers and it means that they get faster download, much faster upload and resilliance from line faults.

We can even bond lines from 2 networks together to give even better resialliance. We generally use BE and BT where they have separate equipment in the exchange so you are less likely to be taken down by an exchange failure.

All of our broadband lines have Continuous Quality Monitoring (CQM) and you can see your graphs to help diagnose faults or bottlenecks.

Why stop at 2 lines? We have one premisis where we bond 4 lines to give 6Mb in an area where most people can not even get ADSL or at best get 325Kb.

Other projects that we have worked on include mixing Satellite broadband and ADSL, Long Distance WiFi "Mesh" networks and an increasing speciality is assigning static IPs to mobile sites and devices.