Who are we?

Dedicated Programmes has been running since 1997 and we have been looking after many of our customers for over 10 years.

Main Engineers

Simon Faulkner

Simon served in the RAF for 14 years before setting up DP. A lifelong love of computers and technology is mixed in with a strong belief that software should help people and not cause them grief.

Roland Ward

Systems engineering - Roland is your man for designing and implementing computer systems and networks that are robust and self monitoring/healing.

Dan Shearer

Although Dan is an amazing all round technologist he is primarily interested in how to drive your business forward and innovation.

Lucy Faulkner

Desktop Support and Training - Lucy can help with most desktop software and Mobile Devices.

Auxiliary Engineering

Ed Hobson

Ed is Dr. Telephones. He is an Avaya specialist and is hugely competent in specifying, installing, fixing and explaining all aspects of modern telephony.

Ash Smy

Ash is an Alarm, Access Control, CCTV and Monitoring specialist. He is also a Top Class Locksmith. Ash is in demand for all manner of physical security concerns.

Mark Buxton

Mark is a top class installation, wiring and hardware engineer. As well as desktop support he is a top notch CCTV, wireless/radio comms and access control specialist.

Support and Admin

Sally Faulkner

Sally does most of the administration alongside being a busy Mother and working for the local Funeral Director.

Family Business

It's a family business so please don't be surprised if the phone is answered by a junior member of staff. They should be polite and helpful whilst getting hold of Dad.