DP's Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions on which we supply goods and services

Dedicated Programmes Limited (we/us) aim to be reasonable and fair with all our customers (you) and we ask that you do the same for us. We try to ensure that all goods are of the best quality and suitable for your use, but we do limit any liability to the cost of the goods or services supplied (within the limits of the law). We aim to have a comprehensive understanding of all of the products we supply, and provide email support and advice for our customers to help with set up any configuration of complex systems (such as ISDN PABXs, etc). We also provide details of manufacturers web sites and email support where this would be more helpful. If you think any of our terms are unfair or unreasonable then let us know before placing your order. We may change these terms from time to time by changing this web page.


We normally send all invoices by email. The VAT office have confirmed that these are acceptable. We send as PDF documents with full details required for the invoice, including VAT number, etc. You can print this yourself if you require a paper copy and this will be exactly the same as if we were to print the invoice and post to you as we do not use pre-printed stationary for invoices. The email also includes all of the required information as plain text in case you do not have Acrobat or a PDF viewer. Also included in the invoice is a digital signature so that you may verify that the invoice is from us and has not been tampered with. We can also provide a direct secure web interface to your account with us, allowing you to see invoices, statements and payments on-line. You will also be able to see details of future periodic invoices (such as for support or domains). You can access PDF copies of invoices and statements for you to print or file. Please ask if you would like this facility. We will happily re-email the invoice if you wish - call or email us and request this. If you require a hard copy - simply print from the email or web pages. As a last resort, if you are unable to obtain one by any of the means above, we will post you a paper copy of your invoice. Payment Please note that payment terms on our invoices are real days and not working days. ie 14 days is 2 weeks You are welcome to make BACS/CHAPS payments directly to our Bank, The details are shown on the bottom of the invoice. Please quote your account number as shown on invoice/quote eg A1234D. For monthly invoices, such as ongoing support we request payment by standing order on the 15th of each month. Important information on payments : * We retain full title to any goods supplied until all invoices are paid in full with interest if applicable. You agree that we (or our agents) have right of entry to the premises in which the goods are stored to collect them (without prior appointment) if payment is overdue. * We may suspend or withhold ongoing services, including support, whilst amounts are overdue on your account, without refund for loss of such services. * Payment terms are shown on invoices and quotes and are strictly applied. * We normally charge postage or carriage on goods shipped.


Not unreasonably, although we retain title to goods until they are paid for in full, we insist that the risk on goods is transferred to you when we deliver them to you. Please ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover goods from the moment that you take delivery.


In some cases we supply software developed by Dedicated Programmes Ltd. Unless agreed otherwise, in writing, we retain all rights to the software including rights to source code. Your purchase is simply for a licence to make use of the software in accordance with our instructions. As with all software it is impossible to guarantee 100% reliable operation. Any defects notified within a 1 year warranty period will be rectified with reasonable skill, care and speed but no consequential liability can be accepted for any losses due to such a failure. Some systems include third party software which may be subject to it's own licence conditions. For any GNU public licence, or similar, software, we have an obligation to supply source code on request - just ask.


Carriage is at the customers risk unless specifically arranged otherwise. You can, at extra cost, specify carriage arrangements such as courier rather than royal mail, registered post, etc. You can request carriage be attempted for pre 10 or pre 12 or Saturday at extra cost. Delivery times quoted are an estimate only.

Terms and conditions on which we purchase goods and services

Terms: Any specific/unusual terms you have must be specifically drawn to our attention. Interest: We are prepared to pay interest on late payment up to the levels dictated by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, providing that you ensure we have received your invoices. We will notify you if any invoice is in dispute and expect any interest to be deferred until the dispute is resolved. Non assignment: Unless agreed in writing we will pay the person or company who has provided us with goods or services only.